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An Old Codger in Nantong China

The Old Codger has returned after a hiatus of two years.  Keeping up a blog is tough work for an old man who prefers the leisure's of life - such as Tiger Beer, Jack Daniel's and chasing young women - as opposed to regimen. The return of the Old Codger has been literally demanded by many who are fascinated by China in general - as well as those who have discovered Nantong, Jiangsu and are now working here.

Who is the Old Codger?  In a few words, he is an old white dude who can't dance or sing to save himself, much less get free drinks or food.   He is cranky and opinionated, more likely inclined to express crass opinions than to share the love with positive reinforcement.  He is from an era when shoddy work was simply thrown back in your face; when jobs were given to the best qualified people - or the best bull shitters - and you had to produce or get fired.   He is from an era where there was pride tempered by shame.  A time when people were ashamed to be 25 pounds overweight; ashamed if you were pregnant and not married; or on welfare.  This was an era where every kid had a "Tiger Mom" who would kick your ass and demand you succeeded in everything that you did, and a "Wolf Dad" who would make sure you understood the concept of "no pain - no gain."  It is an era that some of us old codgers call the "good old days." Life, as we knew it, seems to have disappeared in an abyss of political correctness.

The Old Codger has worked hard to have and express his opinions and to do what he wants to in life.  He doesn't have to "keep up with the times" and follow the herd.  He is unable to defend the world for the direction that it is going; but will certainly try to defend much of where it has been. 

The Old Codger retired in 2002 at the age of 50 and promptly moved to Thailand.  In 2007 he packed up again and moved to China, simply on a whim, and the lure of a part time job at a University.  No old man in his right mind would pass up an opportunity to work around a couple, three thousand beautiful young girls!  Life, after all, is made up of fantasies, and being able to live a fantasy is one of life's greatest rewards. 

Reality set in quickly.  China is nothing like the "propaganda" that the Western media, and your teachers spewed on a regular basis.  Today, thousands of foreigners from around the world have made China their new, and often final home.  In many ways, living in China is like stepping back in time 50 years, despite the fact that China is modern and trying to catch up with the rest of the world in many areas.  One thing is obvious:  Chinese culture and traditions are much stronger than any modernization efforts that the country may undertake. 

For the Old Codger, China and Nantong are ideal places to live and work.  Opportunities abound.  Nantong is a large city, but still small enough to get around in and enjoy life.  Shanghai is close by if you want the thrill, hustle, and both the benefits and pains of a big city. 

When the Old Codger first arrived in China, he started publishing Letters From China.  While that section has not been active for awhile, it is in the process of being revived.  New letters will be posted on the Old Codger's Musings and Commentary Blog since blogs are more popular these days, as well as in the Letters Section. 

As you peruse this web site, please remember that it is a continual work in progress and largely devoid of political correctness.  This is all about China and life through the eyes of an Old Codger who is enjoying life to its fullest.  If you want to come to China to visit - you are more than welcome.  Just make a sincere and honest effort to leave it exactly the way that you found it and don't try to change anything.  Those of us that live here like things just the way that they are.

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